#5-Bonding with T11

All thanks to Rayne and her dad, we had a free room in Resorts world sentosa, Hotel Michael. She invited our class for a stayover on friday for us to bond and have fun, since we did not have school on friday as well. My parents actually did not allow me to go but i still persuaded them in the end hehe. Met up with a few people at Plaza Sing for arcade (old school place but i dont really go there haha) and then walked over to Cathay to play pool. Only just learnt how to play pool this year so im a total noob and those guys are like pros 😦 They keep scoring and im like there missing most of the balls……. Nevertheless had lots of fun cos im with my fav class! πŸ˜€

Then met up with the rest at vivo giant to buy some food/ snacks and drinks for everyone. Everyone keep taking Β and throwing into the trolley what they wanted to eat. In the end we had to put them back cos over budget HAHAHA! Then we went to buy starbucks cos 1 for 1 hehe. While others went to rooftop garden to play water. Then we were separated into groups, some walked to sentosa first, some went to eat dinner. Wasnt what we planned but i guess there’s some miscommunications. :/

Around 7pm, we finally checked into the hotel room. People then started jumping onto those beds (as usual) while i went to boil hot water cos i wanna eat cup noodles HAHA. Then they started to say im like their mother…… First thing step into hotel go find kettle boil water TSk. I am not ok i am just hungry that time HAHAHA. πŸ˜›

Then rayne wrote down 20 dares, where we have to randomly choose one and DO IT. My turn was to do a catwalk at the corridor. Heh not that bad actually πŸ˜› There were even more embarrassing ones!!! Second round, i had to name 5 types of fishes while people tickled me. I totally died throughout the tickle!!! Could only think 4 types of fish at that moment but luckily Youyi whispered koi fish to me after that hehe. If you are reading this thanks and I LOVE YOU!! πŸ˜€

Time passed really fast, after that game, my brother called me and said: Im on the way to fetch you already. sighhhh :(( How i wish i can overnight with them!! The real fun always starts after midnight haha. But oh well, strict parents :/ Hopefully there’s another class outing soon. I love my class and im definitely looking forward to more with them! ;D



#4- 5th week into school

Another painful monday today because of Sports and wellness programme. 😦 Learnt serving for volleyball today. As usual, hands hurt like mad, more bruises. :/ Was told that my back will ache because we need alot of back muscles haha. So i did a HUGE back- stretching before training starts lol :p Luckily i am not the only one complaining haha.

ANYWAY! TIME FLIES! More than a month into poly. WOW. So many wonderful things happened. From completely strangers to close friends. Skyped with my classmates for a few nights but dozed off at around 12/1am haha. Others skyped till like 4/5am OMG how can they even hahaha. Im too tired to stay awake. But im glad our class clicked off well! πŸ˜‰ We can talk about any random thing!

Didnt really get to meet some of my secondary school friends even though we are in the same school 😦 Timetable completely clashed sigh. I really hope our friendship doesn’t drift apart 😦 Talking about that, i have yet to go back to my secondary school to get my testimonials!! HAHAHA many havent too. But we really have no time to go back. Plus the school didnt even inform us to go back and take o.o They did for the previous years but this year idk what happened haha.

I really kinda miss my CCA in secondary school. Was from drama club. I miss performing, i miss not being myself! Used to hate all the rehearsals cos its damn stressful but weird that im missing it right now! That cca was one of the reason that made my secondary school life so memorable πŸ™‚ Lots of wonderful experiences and of course, FUN! Now i finally understand what my seniors when they say:” Treasure your secondary school life, they are the best throughout your education life.” I guess, its true :/ How i wish i can bring back time, or maybe i should go back and visit my cca one day πŸ˜€

#3- A little here and there

Ok because i really don’t know how and where to start and i have alot of random thoughts, so my title for this post is “A little here and there.” HAHA. Been a few weeks to school and all i have to say is that i think our class is really bonding really well! πŸ˜€ There were like thousands of spams on whatsapp every night! To be honest i am actually quite glad that i chose Ngee Ann poly. I was actually quite determined to choose Nanyang Poly but my family were like “You better rethink about the distance.” So now i can sleep one hour later because NP is actually quite close to my house hehe.

Confession time. I really hate sports 😦 Maybe playing abit can la. But if you ask me to train, its HELL NO. Joined volleyball for S&W because the choices that i was given sucks to the max -.- Thought Volleyball would be one of the better choices but NO. My hands are already hurting like mad from just TWO lessons of training. My bruises on my hands are like a combination of blue, purple, black and red. Plus its swollen. -.- Totally ouch man! Its draining me physically and mentally. No choice just gotta endure for this sem la. I hope i get over and done with this ASAP UGH.

BTW if anyone is reading this, go watch FILIAL PARTY ok! πŸ™‚ Its out on cinemas now! Attended the gala premiere last tuesday and all i can say is that Β i am really impressed! πŸ™‚ Its basically about filial piety but the story is in a very different way. Support local productions ok, not every local movie sucks πŸ˜‰ Im sure this movie will touch your heart in any way πŸ™‚

Anyway im quite excited for June holidays! Believe it or not, im actually still a USS virgin OMG. I must go there during june holidays. I MUST. Cant wait to hang out with my friends during the hols but i hope we wont have any assignments as well! HEH. OK im so done with my little here and there post πŸ˜› BYE!

#2- Comparisons

Hey here’s another new post. πŸ™‚

Comparisons. How do you feel when someone compares you to others? Does it makes you even feel motivated to do better or it demoralises you? I really dont like it when my mother compares me with someone else, especially my brother. Just because he is academically better, what he says seems to be always “right”. People might say that ” They all meant well for you.” But it makes me feel even sadder. IDK. T.T

Ok la just a short rant.

I LOVE WEEKENDSSSSS!!! (Who doesnt) Mostly my weekends are spent at home sleeping or watching dramas. I am too lazy to get out. Maybe im too obsessed with my bed HAHA. When i am at home, i am mostly on my bed. What a pig. I used to push my homework to the very last day to do in secondary school. Luckily i always manage to complete them in time. Hoewever in poly, seems like we have to start them ASAP or it piles up very fast 😦 I can already feel the urgency to complete them a few days before submission. :/ Is this good or bad.. Just the third week into school and i am already missing the holidayssssss. I love travelling, i love taking photos! πŸ˜€ Went to Europe and Taiwan during the 5 months holiday *_* BEST TRIP EVAAA. I’ll share some photos next time. Too lazy to even get them transfered from my camera to my laptop yet πŸ˜›

To be honest i think i am gonna have difficulity thinking of topics to write next time oppsss. I am not really a blog person. I keep everything to myself, or only to some close friends. Used to have a blog in the past but deleted it cos my secondary school teacher keeps stalking and spreading to other teachers. -___- But this blog is actually for my teacher to read HAHAHA.

Maybe i should write a little more about me. I LOVE DOGS! I go crazy when i see them πŸ˜› Number one dog lover here teehee. I have a mini pincher at home and my sister and her boyfriend owns 4 poodles.


photo 5-16


Pardon me la. Owners normally think that their pets are the cutest πŸ˜›

You will know when you own one πŸ˜‰



#1- Getting started.

Hey all!

First post on the first day of May. HAPPY LABOUR DAY!

Creating this blog because its needed for school work, but i guess I’m gonna enjoy writing it every week as well. πŸ™‚ Always wanted to create a blog but I’m too lazy to do it. So i guess this is the right chance! Just started poly for about 2 weeks. I guess everything has been good so far. Made lotsa friends in my class and they’re all AWESOME! πŸ˜€ To be honest for the past few months of Β holiday, i was kinda dreading school to start because i am afraid that i wouldn’t be able to make friends, or rather have no close friends. None of my friends in secondary school came to the same course or were in FMS with me. But i guess its a good chance for me to socialize as well. πŸ˜€

After i got my O level results, i really had a very hard time choosing and deciding which course i wanted. I mean, isn’t it too early to plan for what you want when you just merely graduated from secondary school? T____T However i know that i always wanted a course related to film & Β media. Reason why i chose this course is that i am really interested in camera & lightings and scriptwriting. Definitely nothing related to drawing omg. I think I am gonna die in that module. But oh well, we just got to try. Things just doesnt go our way whenever we want to. πŸ™‚ My parents were against my idea of choosing such courses but i didn’t listen to their advise. After all i am the one studying and i don’t wanna suffer in the next 3 years studying something i don’t like. :/ Poly is really fun. (Maybe for now. I dont know.) Β At least you get to meet friends with the same interest. πŸ™‚

Talking about friends. Seems like a simple word but has a deep meaning. Would you rather have alot of Β friends or just a few true ones? Some people might just want to feel very popular, to show everyone that they have friends ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE. While others would just want a few true ones, that will sit down with you, hear your problems and see the matter with you together. Friends come and go. In secondary, we might not talk to our primary school friends anymore. Vice versa, in Poly, we might not contact our secondary school friends anymore. I told my mum about this and she said: THIS IS REALITY. HAHAHA! I really hope i’ll still keep on touch with all of my old friends and they will not forget me as well. (sobs)

Ending this post now because my mum is rushing me for dinner haha. Seems like a stupid excuse but its true! Ok byebye. I promise my next post will be less boring. :p